Here at ProvatoHR, Inc. we believe in the power of opportunity. Since 2007 we have been building our business and striving to be a prominent servant leader in the federal contracting industry. Our goal as a company is to help small to mid-size federal contractors find the right candidates for their contracts. From sourcing to engagement, to recruitment marketing and networking, we help our clients promote growth across their talent acquisition practices. But we don’t just stop there.

When we partner with a new client, we look for at least two things. One, what projects are they working on now? What needs do they have that are unmet? How can we help them today? And two, what do they have planned for the future? What lies ahead for them? We aren’t interested in being a quick fix for our clients. We want to grow with them. We are interested in partnering with them for the long term. Our strategic approach to recruiting doesn’t end when we share qualified candidates with our clients to meet their demands for today. We provide additional services that takes them through the entire proposal cycle for the future projects they decide to bid on.

We start with bid/no-bid intelligence. This step is during the capture phase of the proposal cycle. This helps determine whether the contract is within our client’s means. Smaller government contractors may not have the resources to compete on the same level as the bigger companies. Their pipelines might not be strong enough. Their marketing campaigns might be reaching the wrong audience. If our clients don’t do their research on lead development and broad sourcing, they may be setting themselves up for poor contract performance. We help our clients make those decisions and we offer up our resources and knowledge to assist them.

After the capture phase, we head into the proposal phase. It is here that we produce key personnel to fill contracts. We create pipelines of qualified candidates and start the outreach. We see if anyone is on the job market and if they are, we tell them our client’s story and what project they are working on. We give as much detail as we can in order to secure interest. We find matches that are good for our clients as well as good for our candidates.

Once we have found personnel for the positions, one of two things happen. We jump right into converting our key personnel to hires and the work begins or… we wait. The waiting process for a new proposal can last anywhere from a few months to a couple years. What happens to those candidates we have lined up for the positions? They may drop-off and find another role. They may decide it’s better to move on. During this phase it’s important to nurture the pipelines, and if a candidate does leave for another role you need to produce another candidate. Having a strong pipeline of qualified candidates can help make this part of the process go smoothly. We help our clients replace personnel and we keep pipelines warm.

We choose to serve organizations that share our values of service and innovation. Companies that have big ideas and big ambitions. It’s important to keep up with day to day responsibilities as a government contractor, but it’s even more important to cater future business development plans to talent acquisition strategies.

There are a lot of factors to consider throughout the proposal cycle. With due diligence and a team of support, ProvatoHR, Inc. can walk you through the steps and help you deliver on schedule.

The opportunity that we have at ProvatoHR, Inc. is more than just helping our clients today. The opportunity we have is to serve, share, and educate our clients for their future.