Persuasion happens in person. Face it. There is no better way to develop a real relationship than meeting someone in person. Give to Grow events create a positive, social medium to help potential candidates and companies interact with each other in a meaningful way, outside of an interview setting.

Our clients host networking events and you are invited! They are interested in meeting you. What better way to do that than over a cocktail or a full plate of pasta? The event and client information will be shared with you along with what the company specializes in and who they serve in order for you to determine if the networking event is for you. In addition to that, our clients will promote a charity close to their hearts. Any ticket prices or donations for the event will be contributed to the client’s charity of choice. The charity will be shared along with the event information. Come Give to Grow with us and meet some like-minded professionals.

Due to the current COVID-19 climate, all Give to Grow networking events are canceled. As things pick back up in the Northern Virginia area, we will update you with more information. Stay tuned!
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