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Brand Values and Culture

In today’s competitive job market, employer brand, values, and culture are critical to capturing not only the best talent but also the right talent. At Provato, we start with a full brand analysis to understand your company goals and culture. We put together a communication strategy that thoroughly infuses your brand into your recruitment marketing content.

Candidate Persona

We believe in authentic experiences that match good people with the right companies. Identifying your candidate personas will help you to fill your positions with the right talent. Understanding the type of character required for your roles will help you find the ideal candidate.

Employee Value Proposition

Your employee value proposition should highlight your culture and what kind of technology, workspace, and challenging projects you provide your employees. What benefits and incentives do you offer? What type of training or career advancement programs are provided? This all builds the Employee Value Proposition and is used to attract talent.

Recruitment Marketing Collateral

Now that we have identified your brand, candidate personas, and employee value proposition, it’s time to start getting the word out about your company! Our goal is to find you the right talent, and we use multiple marketing methods to get there.

  • Media Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
  • Landing Page Campaigns
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