What agency does this support?

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What is the name of the contract? Classified. Classified. ANNNDDDDD classified. I’m joking. If we have that information, we will let you know right off the bat. If there ever is a time where we don't have that information, chances are it's because of the clearance level for that role. We understand that the more information we [...]

Is this position for a proposal?

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Government contracts are either awarded or in the pre-award phase and yes, clients recruit for both which means we do as well. In order to win contracts, clients need to show that they have people willing to jump onto the project when the contract is awarded to them. Clients compete for contracts, so there is always some [...]

What is the location of the position?

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We work positions throughout the United States and around the world. What areas are you interested in commuting to? Are you open to relocation? Let us know what cities you’re open to and which ones are outside of your scope. Our goal is to find a position in a location that you’re willing and able to commute [...]

How does Provato make money?

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Because you don’t pay for our service, a lot of people ask us how we make our money. Provato is not fee based. We partner with our clients which enables them to see more candidates. We don’t just work one position. We work hundreds of them. We will discuss all our clients who may have opportunities for [...]

How did you find me?

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Whenever you upload your resume onto a job board or create a job profile on a website such as LinkedIn, you share your information and post it on the Internet. If positions are available that match your requirements and background, we will be in touch. If you’re actively on the market, great! If not, let us know [...]

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